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Spiritual Satanism is the True Religion of Humanity!, it Precede All other Faith!

Spiritual Satanism is for the Empowerment of Humanity, Spiritual Satanism Pushes Mankind to achieve the Godhead.

Satan is our true Creator God, Satan is the True Father of Humanity,

Satan, with the Other Demons, are a race of Very Advanced Being, Who Came on Earth, and Who Created Us Trought Genetic Enginnering,  Satan Is the One Who Created Us,

He wanted for us to become like Him, to become Like the Gods.  He give to Humanity all Spiritual Knowledge,

He has FIght for Us, He Still Fight for Us, and He Will fight for Us ! 

Satan is the most perfect, the most Pure , the most Powerful Being In the Universe!

Satan Stand For Perfection! in every aspect of Life!


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